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Play On

Do you have a friend who has the same amount of passion for music as you do? I happen to be a very lucky woman having met my college friends who I played in a band with and my very close friends now who I share the same love for certain genres of music. MyContinue Reading

Tips: Brighten Up your Workspace at Home

Fixtures and decorations can have a direct impact towards one’s mood, be it at home or at work. Most of us may have overlooked this fact. For work-at-home professionals like myself, decorating your workspace can be tedious and costly. On the lighter side, there are a lot of options available to work around this challenge,Continue Reading

Streamline your Operations with these 3 Online Services

Small business owners, most especially startups, find that keeping their businesses streamlined and running efficiently may not always be a low-cost undertaking. This is because majority of the tools in the marketplace can sometimes cost a lot, with prices running up to thousands of dollars. However, tools do not necessarily need to be expensive toContinue Reading