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Timbre : Experience the Different Hues of Music

I remember this movie (based on a real life story) in the 80s where a guy named Rocky was trying to “show” his blind friend how the different colors look or feel like. He described the color red by letting her touch a hot stone. Then, he handed her a bulk of cotton to shareContinue Reading

Review: Tenba Vector Top Load 1 DSLR Camera Bag

Ever since I got my new Nikon D3100 DSLR camera (posted here), I’ve scoured our collection of bags here at home to find something that would be perfect for whenever I need to bring it along with me. I don’t want anything that looks too obvious that I’ve got my precious DSLR with me. Plus,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

For My Hair, I Trust Only Clear for Women

People who know me from decades ago would tell you that they’re surprised whenever they see me wearing clothes in any color other than black. I’ve long had this fascination over this color that had drawn me into almost always buying any black-colored piece of clothing or accessory I could find. That’s me, second fromContinue ReadingContinue Reading