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Review: Crumpler Dry Red No 3 Luggage

Review: Crumpler Dry Red No 3 Luggage

I SUCK at packing. I swear, that’s one of the worst things about me. I guess it’s that hoarder in me who seems to have a hard time just packing what I need and I almost always end up bringing everything but the kitchen sink. My bro usually loses it and will do the packingContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Review: Mohzy Loop USB Cable

Featured: Mohzy Loop USB Cable – for all you stylish gadget geeksContinue Reading

Working Out at Home with My Elliptical

I’ve talked about losing weight many, many times in the past year, and so far, I think I gained more weight when I tried to go on a diet. After checking my weight last month, I firmly decided I need a complete lifestyle change. Since I’m a food writer / blogger (Certified Foodies) and IContinue ReadingContinue Reading