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Review: AIAIAI Tracks Headphone

Review of AIAIAI Tracks Headphones – quality bass and minimialistic, unique designContinue Reading

Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Sexy, Young, Healthy and Active Photo Contest

Though my brother and I maintain a food blog, and we have a deep and sincere love for food, there’s no excuse to not stay healthy. We’ve started to work on a better diet without depriving ourselves of what we love the most. I believe the key to not gaining weight while still enjoying foodContinue Reading

Review: Crumpler Gypsy Moth Pouch

Review: Crumpler Gypsy Moth Pouch

If you’d ask me what accessory I have the most amount of, I’d have to say it’s going to be pouches. I swear, I own over 30 pouches and I use them to organize my stuff. But, since I hoard these pouches, I don’t really own anything with quality that I can swear by. But,Continue ReadingContinue Reading