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Pakyaw Black Bag Raffle Promo – Are you in?

  Are you a member of Pakyaw, one of the popular group-buying sites to-date? If you are, I’m sure you’ve heard of their Black Bag raffle promo where we get a chance to buy what’s in it for Php 2,000 only (through credit card) on the Pakyaw website. I got really intrigued by this andContinue Reading

UPDATED: Winila City has Closed (Win Php 1,000 Pancake House Gift Certificate from Winila City and Pinay Reviewer – Ends 04/24)

Unfortunately, Winila City has closed and so I’ll soon take down this post. My apologies to those who might have been misled by this post. You’re not alone. We were led to believe that the company was still in tip-top shape. *sigh* Anyway, to the winner, sorry for the delay. I already have the prizeContinue Reading

How Group Coupon Websites Work + Join! 50% Off Exclusive Belo Offer from Local Roam!

One of this year’s best innovative ideas are the group coupon (some call it groupons) websites that were recently launched here in the Philippines. If you’re not yet familiar with this concept, let me try to explain how it works. People behind group coupon websites sign an agreement with different merchants (restaurants or any lifestyleContinue Reading