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Giveaways Galore #3

Here’s another issue of Giveaways Galore! The list should’ve been longer, but, again, I only choose giveaways to share here that I’d actually join or at least be more than interested to join. If you have any more giveaways you’d like to be included in my next issue of Giveaways Galore, make sure you leaveContinue Reading

A Summer Giveaway You Simply Must Join! Ends 04/17

After winning all those kikay prizes I posted the other day, here I am again, joining yet another beauty giveaway. I want to try different beauty products and joining giveaways like this not only saves you the trouble of buying them yourself, but also sampling products you won’t usually buy yourself or aren’t readily available to you. This time, I’m joining the Summer Giveaway of Kikay si Maria, Makeup by Anna Patricia (my favorite makeup artist to-date!) and Shimmerjjang Andy.Continue Reading

Trip or Treats Vosges Chocolates Truffles Giveaway : Ends 04/09

If you don’t know yet, I’m a certified foodie. I LOVE everything and anything about food, most especially when it has something to do with my favorite comfort food – cheese, bacon (or any piece of meat for that matter), wine, and, of course, CHOCOLATES! So, I’m sharing with you this giveaway that you should join: Trip or Treats Vosges Chocolates Truffles giveaway.Continue Reading