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You Need an Extra $1,000 CASH? Join this Giveaway!

I haven’t joined any online giveaway or contest as of late because of how hectic my schedule has been (still is), but I had the time to join my fellow bloggers from around the world in one major giveaway that would surely shake you to your senses to not miss it. I’m talking about theContinue Reading

Giveaways Galore #5 : Certified Foodies’ 2nd Anniversary + More!

My food blog, Certified Foodies, that I lovingly share with my younger brother Ken, is celebrating its SECOND anniversary this year. It was supposed to just be a month-long celebration, but because of our generous giveaway partners, it looks like it’ll be extended ’til July. This year, we decided to do things differently. Instead ofContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Giveaways Galore #4

I’m having no luck in giveaways the past 2 months. I guess it’s lady luck telling me to give others a chance. 😀 Well, it’s just too timely because I’m currently hosting 2 giveaways that you should definitely join. PLUS, our food blog Certified Foodies is celebrating its second anniversary this month, and we’ll haveContinue Reading