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Review: Crumpler Messenger and Camera Bags

Among the many things I don’t mind spending my money on are shoes and bags. I believe that for me to get the quality and durability I need, I should put a premium on them. That is why up until now, I still have most of my bags and shoes with me because I trulyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Crumpler Giveaway Winner : Congratulations!

It was a pretty hard task picking a winner among all the entries. Because there were a total of TWENTY-THREE (23) entries that caught my attention for their interesting answers and effort, I had to pick a winner among them, with the help of my bro and 2 of my close friends. The winner who’llContinue Reading

Introducing : Timbre Gitara Headphones

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the new Filipino brand of headphones Timbre (pronounced as tam-ber). I am so glad to finally get to reveal to you the first design of the Timbre headphones that is all about Filipino pride and support for our own music – Gitara. The whole design concept behindContinue ReadingContinue Reading