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Review: UNLIPrintshoppe

When my computer shop underwent a transition to me being the sole owner and manager, I decided to make the whole place a little bit prettier. My target market were customers who are willing to pay more for a cozier computer rental place. One of the things I did to prettify the shop was toContinue Reading

Timbre : Experience the Different Hues of Music

I remember this movie (based on a real life story) in the 80s where a guy named Rocky was trying to “show” his blind friend how the different colors look or feel like. He described the color red by letting her touch a hot stone. Then, he handed her a bulk of cotton to shareContinue Reading

A Makeover : Finally!

When I started Pinay Reviewer a year ago, my main purpose was to make this my main review blog. I love sharing my opinions on different products and services I’ve tried myself in the hopes of educating my fellow consumers out there. After a few months, since I was a giveaway, promo and contest addictContinue Reading