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Working Out at Home with My Elliptical

I’ve talked about losing weight many, many times in the past year, and so far, I think I gained more weight when I tried to go on a diet. After checking my weight last month, I firmly decided I need a complete lifestyle change. Since I’m a food writer / blogger (Certified Foodies) and IContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Would You Recommend an Online Store?

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with online shopping. Since I’ve been teaching myself on makeup applications, especially on different looks on eye shadows, I’ve bought a ton of makeup tools already. I even recently bought a Sigma F80 brush that I can’t wait to claim from customs. 😀 Pfft. I have to pay extra Php 40,Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why Your Employees Should Wear Name Tags

4 Reasons Why Your Employees Should Wear Name Tags

From school visitors to waitresses, they can all be seen wearing a name tag. Although people have been using name tags for decades, some business owners have yet to implement the use of name tags. Here are some of the benefits using name tags. Promotes communication Often times, some people are reluctant to initiate aContinue Reading