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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Can Amount to a Terrific Investment

Consumers shopping for equipment to stock a commercial kitchen may very well find this a somewhat daunting task. Equipping one’s own kitchen at home is one thing. Getting equipment to have the capability of preparing hundreds of meals daily is an entirely different matter altogether. Commercial kitchen equipment can amount to a terrific investment, andContinue Reading

Get Your Own Shake ‘N Go Smoothie Maker from Lazada and WeChat!

Ever since I started being more conscious about what I eat at home, I knew I had to have my own personal smoothie maker. It makes eating a variety of fruits much easier since I can just toss all the ingredients in the container and blend away! So when we had our yearly virtual ChristmasContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Party Planning Made Easy with WeChat

Party Planning Made Easy with WeChat

If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s planning parties, get-togethers or events in general. I love being in control of the guest list, food and drinks, and the programme too. 😀 You can ask any of my long-time friends – they can attest to how I enjoy organizing any social gathering. This is alsoContinue ReadingContinue Reading