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Autumn’s Fun Family Outings

Autumn is a great time of year with an abundance of great activities that the whole family can enjoy! Though the weather may be a bit cooler with a little nip in the air, there are still many ways a family can enjoy the outdoors as well as lots to do inside on those rainyContinue Reading

For My Hair, I Trust Only Clear for Women

For My Hair, I Trust Only Clear for Women

People who know me from decades ago would tell you that they’re surprised whenever they see me wearing clothes in any color other than black. I’ve long had this fascination over this color that had drawn me into almost always buying any black-colored piece of clothing or accessory I could find. That’s me, second fromContinue ReadingContinue Reading is Moving… to a New Server! is Moving… to a New Server!

After weeks of having issues with people not being able to access the blog, I’ve decided to move all my WordPress blogs (except Certified Foodies) to a new host/server. Thank you so much to my generous host! 🙂 So, expect some downtime this week. But, I’ll make sure the move is completed as soon asContinue Reading