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Evolution Of Urban Reporting

While there have been great strides in race relations over the past few decades, there still exists a sharp cultural divide between what constitutes “white news” and “black news.” Even though there’s general recognition that all races have the same desires, needs, and humanity, there still exists cultural differences due to environment. This means thatContinue Reading

Making Repairs while Saving Money

You may consider your golf cart to be a valuable asset. It provides you with an easy ride all over the greenway. It also can be used to drive around your property or neighborhood. Many golf cart owners prefer to use these vehicles for short jaunts instead of starting their cars and wasting gas. However,Continue Reading

Three Health No-No’s You Need To Know About

While many people are interested in optimizing their health so they can lead fulfilling lives, they oftentimes commit wellness mistakes that actually detract from their vitality. Yet by learning about these health no-no’s, you can change your behavior and embrace a world of optimal wellness. To get started on your road to vitality and happiness,Continue Reading