Be Better : A New Online Resource for Educators

"We never stop learning ’til we’re 6 feet below the ground."

This has been one of my beliefs ever since I was young. I believe that anyone, in school or not, we all have to satisfy our need for learning. I believe it’s our right and it shouldn’t stop in school, which is why I never let myself be stuck in a rut. Even when working, I want to make sure I learn something everyday and that I improve as a person emotionally and mentally.

Though I’m done with schooling, I have found teachers in other people. I learn from their experiences, their mistakes, and everything they’re willing to share. And I hope to better surround myself with people who I can learn from.

Back when I was still studying, I’ve always maintained very good grades. but, nothing beats attending a class where the teacher not only goes into the classroom prepared with the day’s lessons, but also inspires you. Someone who’ll make you look forward to coming back to school the next day. They don’t have to teach something that can shake you to the core, but they can make Calculus (yes, I love Math!) so fun, getting an A is easy-peasy. πŸ˜‰

You can find these inspiring teachers not only in private or high quality schools, but everywhere! When I was in UP Diliman and I distinctly remember my classmates from the provinces telling me about their schools. They don’t have the best facilities and even the vast resource like we do here in Manila, but they were really smart. They all said it’s because of their teachers who made them strive to be the best, and thus passing UPCAT with flying colors. And for that, I have HIGH respect towards teachers.

With the advancement of technology, teachers nowadays have to keep up with the fast-paced world. They need to make sure their students are focused and inspired. You might hate to admit it, but studying can be sometimes a drag. However, there’s good news for teachers. They can now use technology to actually play to their advantage.

Let me introduce the website Be Better. The website was started by educational entrepreneurs Jerry Vicente Catabijan and May Jovero-Catabijan of Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation (SMPC). The husband and wife team believes that learning is all about self-improvement, no matter how old or young you are. And I cannot agree with them more.

They believe that the most important instrument in any learner’s life is the teacher. Teachers shouldn’t just  be competent, but also passionate and committed in imparting their knowledge to their students. With that said, the Catabijans believe that teachers need all the help they can get to ensure that they continue on learning and improving themselves so they can be most effective.

Be Better is an online resource material for teachers. "Be Better is not just a website – it’s a philosophy that my company lives by and the website is perhaps its most visible expression right now," says Mr. Catabijan. In fact, the word "better" stands for Better Education Thrives Through Endless Reading (oh, I just love this!).

I used to love reading, but I guess after college, when I was no longer required to read books, I fell out of love for it. It’s a sad reality, which is why last year, I vowed to bring back my love for reading. So far, I’m doing good, starting off myself with reading my Reader’s Digest magazines. I love writing as well, and based on my experience, reading does improve my writing because it opens up my mind to limitless knowledge and possibilities. With that said, how can I not be in in support of Be Better? πŸ™‚

Be Better’s website is not just for teachers. Students can also learn from it. I read their About Us page and I can’t help but nod with total agreement when I read this part:

For teachers, what does it take to be better? Graduate studies? Training seminars? Or simply reading more books?

Indeed, there are so many answers to a simple question. So much so that one could write a book about it. And many have. However, we decided to start a website instead. Why? Because we wanted something organic – something that we could add on to whenever a good idea or article came around that can help a teacher do his/her job. After all, no one should be made to wait when it comes to learning.

But most of all, we made because we want to make our content accessible to teachers all over for free. We believe that the quest to be better is something open to everyone. Doing so fosters discussion, encourages (re)thinking and hopefully, creates a like-minded community of self-learners.

I emphasized a part of it because they’re right. That’s why now, whenever I have an idea about something I wanted to share on my blogs, I make sure I take note of it, or start writing about it as soon as possible hoping that maybe someone out there can learn from my story.

Also, I make sure I keep myself informed on different topics that inspire or interest me. Reading doesn’t have to involve just books. We can learn A LOT just by subscribing to blogs or websites that are very generous in providing much-needed knowledge to everyone, whatever topic it may be. One of the many reasons why Be Better will be included in my feeds.

If you have a friend or loved one who’s a teacher, share with them Be Better‘s website. The site can help them deal with issues they might encounter with their students, like "How to Discourage Cramming". They might also be inclined to contribute as well since Be Better is an online community for educators too. Visit their website or follow them on Facebook ( πŸ™‚

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