Review: Asian Secrets Whitening Lulur Scrub and Bengkoang Soap

I’m one of those you might consider late bloomers when it comes to beauty regimens. I never really took care of my skin and didn’t pay much attention to makeup ‘til late 2010. I guess I thought I was genetically lucky to not have any issues. But, when I hit my 30s, I realized I need to seriously take care of my body. I’m not getting any younger. And, so, I was more than happy to try Asian Secrets Whitening Lulur Scrubs and Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soaps.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrubs and Bengkoang Soaps

Asian Secrets is a product line with a vision to bring in products that are rooted on effective Asian traditions and skin rituals. They guarantee that their products are effective, safe (dermatologically tested), hypo-allergenic and are free from harmful whitening chemicals. So, I didn’t think twice about trying their products.

I was sent their 3 Lulur Whitening Body Scrub and 2 Bengkoang Whitening Soap variants to review here. I’ve only used their products twice since I got them, but I’ll continually use them all to see how they’ll work on me. For now, I’ll give you my initial thoughts on these products.


Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrubs

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

First off, what is “lulur”? It’s actually a luxurious beauty treatment that brides-to-be from Java, Indonesia go through everyday, 40 days before their wedding. This treatment gives them a supple, smooth and whiter skin, making them all the more vibrant on their wedding day.

Ingredients and information at the sides of the tub

When I read this description, I knew I just had to try it. Since this treatment has been proven and rooted from actual Asian rituals and traditions, it has to be effective, right? I did my research and you can find a lot of positive reviews on Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub from forums and bloggers.That’s why I’m excited to see how effective this will be on me.

These body scrubs should help whiten dark spots and reduce skin pigmentation. I have issues like this on my arms because I used to stay under the sun without caring to even use an umbrella. Now, the color of my arms is uneven. 😀 I also have dark elbows which I need to focus on.

When I first opened the Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub, I fell in love with the scent. I got all excited to use it. All the variants I got – Green Tea and Vitamin E, Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract, and Seaweed Extract and Vitamin E – smelled so good. The scent was more like perfume. Some of you might not be comfortable with that, but after you bathe, you’d love how your skin smells, trust me. 🙂

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrubs with Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract

The first tub I opened and used was the Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract. It has fine lulur beads for that gentle exfoliation. I’m used to my facial scrub’s coarser beads so I wanted to see how Asian Secret’s will score when it comes to the actual scrubbing and exfoliating.

By the way, I checked all the tubs and they had the same consistency and fine lulur beads. Right now, I need to finish up my first tub before I try the next one. Or I might give the other one to my friend who’s also into body scrubs.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrubs applied on dry skin

They recommend that you use this on dry skin. Since it’s very gentle to the skin, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing too much. I did it in circular motions and right after I rinsed them off me, I felt like I had lotion on. I loved the feeling of cleanliness it left on my skin. 🙂


Asian Secrets Bengkoang Whitening Soaps

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Soap

I got 2 variants of their Asian Secrets Bengkoang Soaps – with Natural Antiseptic Betel Extract and one with Moisturizing Olive Oil. These soaps are made from Yam Bean Extract (bengkoang or singkamas) that’s very popular in Indonesia as a whitening ingredient. The Betel extract gives extra protection from germ-causing body odor, and the olive oil moisturizes skin.

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Whitening Soap with Natural Antiseptic Betel Extract

Just like the lulur scrubs, these soaps are scented. They have stronger fragrances, but that didn’t bother me at all. I used the Asian Secret Bengkoang Soap with Natural Antiseptic Betel extract first, right after I used the scrub. I know, I’m supposed to see how the lulur scrub works on me before I should’ve tried this, but I wanted to maximize the whitening treatment to see if it’s just as effective to use both.

I swear, though I still used lotion after my baths using the scrub and soap, my skin felt smoother. And the scent lasted for a longer time than I expected (I only put lotion on one arm to find out), but will definitely put that into the test when I use it when I go somewhere and I’m all out under the sun for a day.



  • Widely available at Watsons, Mercury Drug, SM, Puregold, Shopwise, Robinsons supermarkets.
  • Your skin will smell real good afterwards. 🙂
  • My skin felt like I already applied lotion and moisturizer.Asian Secrets Lulur Scrubs and Bengkoang Soaps

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrubs:

  • Very affordable. The big tub (250g) only costs Php 130; smaller (135g) costs Php 80.
  • Very gentle exfoliation. I liked how my skin didn’t feel harassed by all my scrubbing.

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Whitening Soaps:

  • They’re affordable too, at Php 70 (SRP).
  • The soap left a very smooth, lingering feel on my skin.
  • I feel like these soaps will last longer than others I’ve used.

NOTE: Results may vary because we’re all unique. We have different skin tones and resistance. So, you  may have a different experience. Feel free to share yours, aight? 🙂



  • I wish the lulur scrub was contained in a bottle with a big nozzle pump. I’m a little OC when it comes to double dipping, especially when I’m using these on dry skin. So, what I do is wash my hands then dry them on a towel before I double dip.
  • I wish they have a bigger tub. Anyway, it’s affordable so you can buy your own stock. 😉



  • When using the bengkoang soaps, make sure you let the foam stay on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing. This is actually one of my general tips when using specially formulated soaps or scrubs. Don’t wash them off right away. 🙂
  • Use the scrub 3 times a week, especially when you’re exposed to dirt and skin irritants often.
  • Use the scrub on dry skin as much as possible. But, make sure you’ve washed your hands and dried them before dipping into the tub.
  • If you’re not comfortable with using it on dry skin, it’s okay to rinse your body first. I did it the first time, but I felt better when I used it on dry skin the second time.

Overall, I’ve had a pleasant experience using these products. But, since I’ve only used them twice, I’ll be posting an update after 2 weeks or a month so I can share with you the difference or how effective these were to me. With all the raves on the Asian Secrets products, I believe I won’t be disappointed. 🙂


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