Win $500 Paypal Cash in April Extreme Cash Giveaway : Ends 05/13

I love sponsoring giveaways as much as I love joining (and winning) them. So, whenever there’s an upcoming giveaway that’s in need of sponsors, I try to join because it’s fun. I especially enjoy sponsoring any Paypal cash giveaway, especially when it’s open worldwide. Just like the April Extreme Cash Giveaway where you can win a whopping $500 Paypal cash prize! That’s Php 20,000+ and you can buy all sorts of gadgets, clothes, makeup, or whatever you want with it. 🙂

April Extreme Cash Giveaway : Win $500 Paypal Cash!

To join, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. You should have a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts to join. Soooo easy! 🙂

Take your time since this this giveaway ends on May 13th. Just bookmark this post and come back when you have more time to finish everything. There are also tasks that you can do DAILY to earn more points. And, yes, it’s all about LUCK! There’ll only be ONE WINNER so if you’re the oh-so lucky one, you get everything! Nice, eh?

Good luck!!! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • good luck to winner 🙂

  • Donna George

    I washed, dried and folded my oldest child’s smelly laundry. He lives with his dad and hasn’t washed his clothes for over a month. PHEW! Then I delivered them to him at his work in a severe thunderstorm. Made it! 🙂

  • dianna1

    lol– Its Mother’s Day– the best I’v done in extreme–is gone to church and hugged all my kids–lol– Happy Mothers Day to all

  • Jennifer Speed

    went to Olive Garden knowing that there would be millions of people there…

  • played lego pirates of the caribbean for nine hours

  • Miss_bisckt2002

    baked pandan chiffon cake…

  • darlene bohannon


  • woke up at lunchtime

  • dan

    movie marathon…

  • The most extreme thing I’ve done was to try wearing two piece in a resort. ^_^ hahahaha!

  • doing the laundry while cooking lunch and updating my blog and FB 😀

  • Nicely Rom

    The most extreme thing I’ve done was climb Mt. Batulao without much knowledge of mountaineering—and a harness. :'(

  • Kathryn Dilay

    Most extreme thing I’ve done so far is iron clothes. Our helper just left and believe me when I say that ironing is extreme when it comes to moi! I hate doing it, I’d rather do tons of laundry…

  • Woke up at 2am to feed my baby. Been awake since then.

  • Went to the mall on foot when heavy rain began to pour

  • dan

    go to mall…window shopping the whole day!!!1

  • cooking two meals at the same time

  • dan

    eat one pack of chocolate!

  • refilled the mayo jar

  • washing clothes

  • went to the bank at night

  • drove a car

  • cleaning our room and killing all the brown-banded cockroaches

  • dan

    washing clothes and everything!

  • will undego series of labtest again.

  • first time to go to mercato and got home early dawn 

  • dan

    general cleaning the whole day.

  • most extreme i’ve done today is join the giveaway! whew! so many people to follow lol

  • updating my resume

  • Gizette

    ate three burgers! 😀 I usually eat just one.

  • lift weights and sweat out at home

  • Julie Vilbar

    colored my hair just by myself

  • dan

    repaint the whole house and catch many rats.:)

  • go to work with a headache

  • Ftjms

    school hopping for my bro 🙂

  • paying tuition, buying books, uniforms and school supplies in one day. whew!

  • Julie

    searching promos

  • moved the fridge all over the house

  • allaboutlorie

    Run after my little kid for almost every second.. ♥

  • gonna eat lunch when I’m still full from last night’s dinner

  • whatched Avengers alone with friends (scattered seating)

  • attending blogger event. 

  • trying new recipe. i bake calamansi cupcake

  • cleaned up a room, without any kind of ventilation

  • woke up late, buzzer beater in summer class.

  • eating nearly expired bananas

  • eating lunch at 10am

  • Overslept.

  • no merienda for today

  • talking to stranger

  • Having a diet

  • Mina

    general bathroom cleaning… overdue by 3 months. haha

  • cooking 3 meals 

  • jumping jack

  • Woke up too early

  • going out of bounds of the diet hahaha

  • Woke up early=lacking sleep

  • Is this giveaway for girls only? sorry I was redirected here after I clicked some of my friends link…

    • No, it’s open to everyone… 🙂

      • but still all of the comments here are from the girls… hahah

  • Extreme thing i’ve done today? We went to Tarlac to attend a wedding then change location to attend a Graduation. 🙂

  • Extreme..hmmm..can we make it extreme done yesterday?…pinamarami ko ng inom yung 5 bottles of San Mig light yesrterday..KO!

  • Drinking nothing but tea the whole day

  • Hoping to win this kind of giveaway…

  • vegan day

  • Dangem Piodena

    I think when I am writing a long article in the ms word this afternoon then suddenly brownout. 

    • Dangem Piodena

      Blankpixel, about the daily entries, why is it that every time I visit it to do the daily entries my current entries decreases to 124, I should be 164 and it will increase as I complete the daily entries. 

      • Really? Hmmm… that’s weird.
        It might just be a bug. Tell me if this is still true.

  • I slept less than 4 hours and no eating breakfast….

  • slept less than two hours and still went on to work

  • michisolee

    eating one bar of white whole hazelnuts chocolate (ritter sport). #siradiet

  • Dangem Piodena

    Today, the most extreme thing happen to me is when I discover that their are so many contest running this month. I am now joining it and hoping to win.

  • going online without having breakfast or lunch first 

  • I entered this giveaway! 🙂

  • Dguillen

    slept in

  • I ate some oysters, and I am expecting the usual di*rrhe* attack later tonight hahaha

  • Kathryn Dilay

    Had a haircut! It’s been more than a year since I had a haircut because I wanted my hair long but due to the extreme heat (and my long hair felt really, really “heavy” for some reason), as much as I DIDN’T want to, I went to the parlor and had a haircut. Now it feels light and I kinda like it. =D

  • evans s

    entered sweepstakes for four hours straight 

  • Lori

    Get up before my alarm went off!!

  • The most extreme thing I’ve done today … stays beside our neighborhood house just to have a WiFi connection…

  • Jamillah70

    the most extreme thing I did today liking over a 100 people just 2 win this giveaway

  • Dangem Piodena

    The most extreme thing I’ve done today is when I was checking my email and read about this EXTREME CASH GIVE AWAY! 

  • Jillian_merle

    the most extreme is to find an online job and make money out of it 🙂

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  • Julie Vilbar

    ah the most extreme…. well I am still online despite the scorching heat brought about by the summer season… been trying to think positive, feel good that summer is giving me the cold shiver , oooouuuch. 

  • Oops, forgot my answer. The most extreme thing I’ve done today is eat whole wheat cereal when I really wanted to have a big breakfast. LOL

  • $500 will go a long way! I’m already thinking of what to get on my wishlist. 😀

  • Joining the contest! $500!!! It’s MINE!!! :)))

  • michisolee

    joining this contest. it took me so long to finish this. =)

  • I only had mung bean soup today with rice. That’s just one meal for the entire day as I’m on a cleansing diet. 

  • RubySalazarPapio

    the extreme thing ive done today is eat a full of rice with chili gata hehe

  • christine batiller

    the most extreme thing i did today is asked a not-so-close person for a very personal favor!!!no choice!!!