About Pinay Reviewer

Thank you for visiting Pinay Reviewer.

I am Michelle, better known as Mhel and blankPixels online. I am a social media manager among other things (a ‘Jane’ of all trades almost – graphics designer, food writer).

I love reviewing products and services I’ve personally tried, specifically gadgets and beauty products.

I also own a food blog – Certified Foodies – which I share with my brother Ken. This is where you’ll see my reviews of anything food-related.

I have a tech blog where I showcase my geekiness. 😀 From time to time, I share my experiences and knowledge on making money online too.

I worked as a quality specialist and a team leader in multinational call centers here, so I have experience giving and receiving feedback.

I love writing reviews because I also love reading others’ opinions. Plus, it’s my own way of sharing information – a public service, if I may call it that. I would love to hear about your experiences too, so feel free to leave your (violent) reactions or what-nots.

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That’s basically all the things you need to know about me and this blog.  For anything else, you can contact me anytime.